About LA Art Tours

Kevin Flint started the first LA Art Tour in 2007 when he gathered a gang of interested art lovers at his loft in the historic and world famous Brewery Arts Complex. He proceeded to walk them around the grounds, and into the lofts of a number of his friends on campus. Of course, not really knowing too much about the history of the Brewery at the time, he sort of made it up as he went along. And he probably should have mentioned to his artist friends that he would be popping into their lofts with a big group of strangers. We learn from our mistakes.

The Brewery Tour is still a favorite, but in subsequent years after teaming up with his friend, graffiti artists ShanduOne, LA Art Tours added tours of the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, graffiti and mural tours, a tour of the Santa Fe Art Colony, as well as less frequent tours in San Pedro, Echo Park, East Hollywood, Chinatown, Culver City and more. As well as less frequent special event tours, bicycle tours, a mini marathon tour, dinner tours, cooking class art tours, and much more!

We continue to look for new adventures!

If you have an idea for a tour (or even better, an idea for a tour and you want to lead it) let us know and maybe we can add it to the mix. If you have a business or organization that would like to partner with us for a special event, we’d love to hear about it.

Our long lost sign from over a decade ago, recently found buried in the ol’ garden shed