Workshops and Classes


Looking to add an awesome addition to your private tour? We’ve got you covered. And not only can we add an amazing art workshop to your tour, with our road ready art-mobile, we can bring the workshop to your workplace, school, park, party or even your house!

We offer workshops and classes on graffiti/spray can painting, stencil making, wheat paste posting, oil painting, metal work/sculpture, street photography, and much more! Our instructors are the same awesome guides leading and artists you will be meeting on our tours. Teaching you the art and style they know and love. 


Spray Can Graffiti Workshop


We supply the materials, the awesome artists to teach you, and a whole lot of fun. From ages 5 – 105, we don’t like to leave anyone out. You can add a workshop on after a private tour, you can do just a workshop at our location, or we can bring the workshop to you! Workshops are $250 for up to 10 participants when added to a tour, or $350 for the workshop only. Pricing varies for larger groups and bringing our mobile paint-mobile to you.

We use water based Montana spray cans (mini sized cans for small children with small hands) and paint on large rolls of paper that you can save after the workshop. Click here to request a workshop.

Stencil Making Class

Our amazing guide ShanduOne is a legend when it comes to stencil making. Anyone who has joined our walking tours can tell you how intricate and detailed his creations are. Now you can learn skills right from the master artist himself. Craft a stencil and start leaving your mark.

This class can be added to a tour or we can bring it to your location. We supply all the materials to paint and you get to keep your stencils. Plus we can also provide t-shirts, parasols, or canvas bags to apply your stencil to after you’ve made it!

Urban Photography Tour

Learn to take amazing photos of outdoor art, architecture and landscapes. Our professional urban photographer instructor can teach you to take stunning photos with a full size DSLR, a mirrorless, a film camera, or the cell phone you have in your pocket. Learn the best times of day to shoot, the best lighting conditions, and how to compose an award winning shot. From giant murals to hidden treasures, from urban wildlife to the wilds of the city. This workshop tour can be done by foot or bike. It is a 3 hour program (includes a midway rest break and snack stop) and costs only $250 per private group (up to 8 guests.)

Wheat Paste Adventure

Ready to flex those urban guerilla art skills? We’ve got the perfect adventure for you. We’ll help you prepare your artwork, mix up your glue, and show you the proper technique for getting your art up and out in the world. We promise we won’t let you get caught.

Includes all materials. Workshops are $200 for up to 10 participants when added to a tour, or $250 for the workshop only.


Urban Metal/Wood Art

Want to leave your mark on the world, but with something other than paint? Don’t despair, we’ve got you covered. Join a local urban sculptor at their workshop where you’ll learn to cut, grind, shape and realize your sculptural work. Then head out on the street to leave your artistic mark on the world. Includes materials. Workshop is $250 for up to 4 guests.

Kids Marker Time

Got some little ones who aren’t quite ready to wield a spray can or brush or welding torch with their art making? That’s where our marker classes shine. Designed for younger kids, we provide the materials, some fun instruction, and a chance for them to go a bit wild! Don’t worry, we’ve got a couple of really patient instructors for this session.

Classes are 1 hour, include all materials, and are $250 for a group of up to 10 kids,


Oil/Acrylic Painting Workshop

An addition to our popular tour of the Brewery Arts Complex, we offer oil and acrylic painting workshops after your private tour. After viewing your curated, insider’s view of a selection of fascinating artist lofts and meeting the artists, we take you back to one of our painters to get an expert lesson on either oil or acrylic painting. Learn from the best and have a blast while doing it. Guests are welcome to bring beverages with them for this experience, and food can be purchased from the restaurant in the complex. A fun, creative and cultural experience that can’t be matched.  Prices vary depending on artist, media and length of workshop.