Downtown Los Angeles Alley Adventure Graffiti and Mural BICYCLE Tour

Our popular Downtown LA Graffiti and Mural tour has been taking guests through the main streets of the Arts District for years. Now we’re taking you off the beaten path, and into the art filled back streets and alleys that most people never find or even know exist. Lucky for you, your guides are local artists, taking you deep into their street art world.

You can bring your own bike, or rent one of the Metro Bikes from the kiosks located conveniently next to the start of the tour. Then you’ll go off on an art adventure like no other. We can cover a lot of ground on a bike, and there is a lot to see. Huge murals and tiny treasures alike await you, hidden down alleys and side streets. This is a truly unique tour that you’ll never forget!

Your guides are all local street artists, taking you through their world, their own art, and the art of their crewmates, collaborators, friends (and even rivals.) You’ll learn a bit of technique, a bit of history, all while viewing a wealth of amazing art…from the tiniest art tags and yarn bombs to building size murals by the world’s best artists.

This is a 100% authentic, genuine and unvarnished journey into the world and culture of Los Angeles graffiti and street art.

Public Group and Private Tours Available


$25 per person for PUBLIC tours.

$160 per group for PRIVATE tours (up to 10 guests)

For Private Groups larger than 10, please go HERE (including school, corporate, social groups)


Approx 2-2.5 hours – 5 miles of slow paced biking.


Public Tours most Saturdays and Sundays

Private tours 7 days/week

Start Point:

Metro Bike Station at 7th Street and Imperial (2027 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021 for the purpose of mapping.)

All the Details…

Bring your own bike or rent one from the conveniently located Metro Bike kiosks at the tour start!

Your bicycle tour guide is a real artist and longtime member of the Arts District Community. They might not be able to win the Tour de France on a bicycle, but they really know street art. Living and creating art in the area for decades, each one is an expert on the history, culture, art, and artists that made the Arts District an important part of the Los Angeles creative community for decades.

The tour includes hundreds of works of art, from massive building size murals to amazing little pieces that you would ride right by if it weren’t for their expert eyes and experience. You’ll be visiting art your friends wouldn’t find in a year of searching.

The tour starts with primers on urban art history and technique, getting your feet wet before launching into the streets and alleys of Downtown LA. These aren’t all the manicured and gentrified streets of other areas of Downtown LA. You’re going to see some real grit. And lay your eyes on some of the real art being put on the walls by the real artists and crews who built LA’s legendary graffiti scene.

The tour ends back where it started, giving you a chance to enjoy dining at one of the many other restaurants in area (your guide will be happy to give suggestions.)

How far do we bike?  About 5 or 6 miles. We move at a slow and safe pace. This isn’t a bike race.

Do I need a helmet?  A helmet is not required unless the rider is under 18. If you need one, we prefer you bring your own, but we have a few helmets we can bring for our under age guests visiting from out of town, but please let us know in advance so your guide can have them on hand.

I don’t have a bike, can I join? Yes, Metro bike kiosks adorn the Arts District, making for convenient and easy bike rental. There is one at the start of the tour, as well as alternates:





and here

Does the tour start on time? Yes. We suggest arriving at least 10 minutes early to insure you don’t miss the beginning. There are benches to sit on at the start.

What if I’m late? The guide will still be near the start for the first 5 minutes of the tour, showing the art work on Imperial. If you are unable to locate them, you can try calling 310-503-2365 (though we may not be able to pick up if leading a tour.)

Gratuity/tip? Tips are always appreciated by our guides, but never required. If you want to demonstrate your appreciation to the guide for that job well done, a tip is very welcome.

What if it rains? This is the one tour we usually cancel if it is going to rain. Biking in the rain isn’t very fun, especially down some of alleys we traverse. You will be notified 24 hours in advance if we decide to cancel, and can either rebook or be refunded.

Are there graffiti artists on this tour? We run into artists at work more on this tour than every other tour combined. Some of them are a bit paint splattered and unkempt. And we may run into some homeless folks (though with gentrification, we also run into more and more tech workers walking tiny dogs these days.) This tour isn’t sanitized. It is the real alleys and streets of an industrial area of downtown. The art is amazing, but it is also a very real view of urban life. However, your safety is of top concern to our guides, who are long time veterans of these streets, and know very well how to traverse them.

Will we see art by (insert name here?) You may. If its in the area, you’ll likely visit it. But the routes can vary slightly, so if you expected a particular piece of art, and didn’t get to see it, your guide will gladly point you in the right direction after the tour (or break the news gently if that piece is long painted over.)


  • Please arrive 10 minutes early as the tour starts on time.
  • Just tell the guide your name. No need to print out the ticket or confirmation email.
  • ACTIVITY IS CANCELED IF IT RAINS. Trust me, this tour is no fun in the rain. We will offer an alternate walking tour in place of a rained out bicycle tour. Walking in the rain = fun. Biking in the rain = no fun.
  • ACTIVITY TAKES PLACE OUTDOORS ON BICYCLES: Dress appropriately for the weather and the activity. Wear appropriate footwear.

Cancel/Rescheduling Policy

  • We understand that your plans sometimes change. That is why we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.
  • Prior to 48 hours before tour time, a full refund can be given.
  • Sorry, no refunds within 48 hours of tour start time. Our guides need to get out of work and other commitments to lead the tours, so we commit to paying them whether guests show up or not.
  • Up to 24 hours before a scheduled tour you can reschedule for a different date. We only allow one reschedule per booking.

The tour starts at the Metro Bike Rack at 7th Street and Imperial (2027 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021 for the purpose of mapping.) Your guide will be at the racks at tour time. We suggest getting there early if you need to rent a Metro bike from the racks.

There is free street parking in the area. If you can’t locate a street spot, there are pay lots on several adjacent streets.